Mary Iles   Shadows

Mary Iles Shadows





From the internationally recognized author Jess Corbin an introduction to

Shadows - Mary Iles.


JessCorbin1If you love Korean dramas then you will definitely love this.

Set in Manchester (the UK) to its ongoing conclusions in S Korea it tells the story of Amrise who is the best friend of Sarzi a Korean industrialists daughter and the only heir to the vast Sarzi fortunes.

Although Sarzi is extremely rich and has unlimited wealth at her disposal her parents are too busy to spend time with her, they’ve sent her to London to study and she has been there for the past five years.

Her closest friends (they share an unbreakable bond) are Michael and Amrise who share the luxury apartment in Manchester. Michael is he heir to a gold trading consortium's finance and investments corporation. Amrise is an orphan whose parents died tragically in a store shoot out between a would be robber and a security guard.

However they left her a small fortune which Michael took and invested for her, with a very hefty return; plus further investing to ensure a healthy annual sum to live on. 

All of them are in their last year studying business studies at Manchester University and generally enjoying life. None of them, despite their fortunes are representative of a lot of their family members who constantly do all they can to bolster their fortunes even at the expense, often with little or no morality in the mix, to achieve their aims.

What will happen will be horrific in any sense of the word. Yet because of the closeness of their bond to each other, when the dust settles, revenge will indeed be forthcoming and terrifying to its conclusion.

Cafren is a close business friend of Sarzi’s family and operates a travel business with his headquarters in S Korea. He;s known Sarzi since she was a baby and his daughter Keira is a former school classmate of Sarzi’s.

What he uncovers is a conspiracy that will trigger the events that bring about death and destruction, with minutes to spare he will take the final prize from them but Sarzi is seriously injured and in a coma.

Enraged after discovering from Cafren the truth, Amrise leaves Michael to take care of Sarzi in a secret secure location whilst she, who is unknown to the perpetrators; declares war on those who put her best friend in a coma and killed her family.

With Cafrens help from the shadows she will take a terrifying revenge to bring them mercilessly to their knees.






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