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Ami Xi ONLINE books main website : Info, features, titles and more www,

Han had that look on his face of surprise and at the same time; delight. “I’ll take that look on your face as confirmation of my new team member; Su Lin has already cleared it with those who need to grant permissions.” Mark had not disclosed the fact that he had also invited Han’s brother Won to join the team, that surprise could wait.

It was as they were about to leave that a female entered the aisle adjacent to where they were now stood. Han was more than familiar with who it was, he looked at her muttering softly under his breath. “Wu, what are you up to.” She was not, he assumed and correctly as it was about to be revealed; there for the food.

A male came towards her, stopped mid tracks as he realized who the female was?
Cursing under his breath though virtually all Chinese as Mark knew all too well, speaking loud enough for all to hear; something he had gotten used to from the time he spent on the Chinese mainland.”

The male was calling her all the names under the sun and some of them were none to pleasant, if not openly aggressively intimating, some forthcoming violence, now clearly echoed by the presence of a blade in his hand.

If what was unfolding had their attention, what happened next was one of those moments in time when you really do not believe what you are seeing let alone, what you are hearing?
It was a male and female who were rising from their seats on a table almost opposite to where the thug was stood.

Arguing? Now it is a fact. If a Chinese girl thinks her man has been paying attention to another female or as was the case here, him focusing on that bitch of a female stood in the aisle; Wu? Yep that was indeed the case or so his female companion thought as she lashed out at him.

Whoa, I mean LASHED out!  Luckily he was moving fast enough to avoid most of her blows but still, she was getting a few what she deemed, well deserved slaps in play with some effect. As for Wu? She stared at her raised her fingers in a manner that was by all accounts a gesture that if she had known just who Wu was, would have gotten her arrested! 

Hmm, she turned, scowled at the would be assailant who had stepped aside to let her pass, avoiding cofrontation? Words on her part to the effect as she glared at him.
“You freaking men are all the same.” She headed after the male beating a retreat, screaming abuse. The would be assailant now resumed his move towards Wu.

Mark was about to move to stop the impending attack, the sudden rush of the male towards Xi Wu when Han stopped him. “Wu doesn’t need our help.” That was all he muttered as now the would be assailant lunged at Wu who responded with a sharp fist blow to his wrist with such a force that would in Mark’s opinion, have shattered the lower end of the tibia and probably the fibula resulting in the hand having no grip for anything, in particular the blade.

Wu was not finished as now her fist moved again and this time it was focused on his adams apple. It was like being hit in the throat with a bar of lead. How she had so much strength in her hands no one knew the answer to that cept they stayed well clear of shaking hands with her, uhh, if you had any inkling of common sense and an urge for self preservation; getting in to any confrontation of a physical nature! One tight squeeze could shatter the bones in your hand with ease.

Keeling over the knife clattered on the ground. Wu now handcuffed him as two police offcers came up behind her to seize hold of him. “About time, what kept you two!”

The assailant, one should add they could now clearly see, was still trying to catch his breath. As for that hand, dangling limp at his side? What they had not seen but Han and Mark had was how all this had occurred, in seconds?!

Mark was somewhat in awe of her. This little five foot something had taken down this brute of a male who was no way anything less than a mini version of Godzilla not only in looks but build. “Probably bulked out muscle from taking steroids.” Mark nodded.

Wu watched as they took the male away and then turned to move towards Han and with natural curiosity wanting to know more about this well built, well dressed and good looking obviously European male, was?

“This is Marki, who is from the UK, like you a specialist in crime prevention. An officer of the law, international.” Mark removed something from his pocket, bowed and gripping a card with two hands handed her his card.

“Mark Verne at your service, a pleasure to make your acquiantance. Wu bowed back before they sat down as she motioned to one of the females that she wanted a beer?
She was Mark noted not only more than proficient in the ability to more than defend herself but also though not quite as much a beauty as his Su Lin, a looker.

It was he concluded the defining feature that had immediately caught his attention. Her striking dark gleaming almost hypnotic; eyes. She wore desert camouflage khaki colored loosely fitting clothing, He could understand why given this humid Hong Kong heat.

 Long black hair tumbled down over her front as her hands moved to flick her hair over her shoulders to rest down her back. If the valley between her breasts had been a focal point she noted that he did not stare at the reveal?

She liked the way he had focused on her eyes. Not stared as most males she encountered did, guaging the size of her breasts? Even if she had nothing to be ashamed of re them. It was in her opinion not quantity but quality that counted, they were small pert and a more than adequate handfull.

Han acknowledged his colleague with a short bow. She bowed back and they exchanged words. “Second one of that gang I’ve taken down in the last week. I tell you Han they would not be here unless they’re expecting a shipment.” That Han knew could be pure heroin or as had been the case lately; people trafficking. Wu stopped and turning to Mark bowed before adding that she was not intentionally ignoring him.

If Wu had spoken to him in Chinese he had replied to her in Mandarin and she had noted how good his command of her native language was. However he was now to be equally surprised by how good she spoke in, English?

“I know you. I have seen your picture on Han’s desk along with a poster for a martial arts tournament, I think it is tomorrow?” Mark nodded. Wu looked at Han. “Who are you betting on? This Englishman?” Han nodded as she smiled.

“In that case I will join you tomorrow to watch and I also will put a bet on you to win. If Han has faith in you I can think you will definitely win.” She stood up, swilled back the last of the beer from the bottle and then bowed.

“I will leave first, have a good day, see you later Han.” She reached into between her breasts to remove a bundle of notes held together with a rubber band. This bundle she now handed to Han who was not alone re his open mouth at what he had, no, THEY had; just witnessed.

”I’ll leave you to place the bet for me.” She looked at Mark with a smile, a slight curl of the lips? “I will see you, champion, tomorrow.” With that she turned and headed off out of the market.
Han glanced at the notes in his hand, removing the rubber band to count them.

“Marki, I think Wu likes you.” He was grinning like a Cheshire cat. “Equivalent of over $200 US dollars. With your odds I reckon she’ll make over $2000 US if you win.” he paused, coughed. “When you WIN.”

The arrest of the assailant had not gone unnoticed by others present in the food market.
A call on a mobile to his boss the male had been specific about who had arrested Chow.
The tiny petite, Xi Wu of the Hong Kong police? Against the huge muscular Chow?
“I’m telling you it was her.”

“If you are lying to me.” The voice on the other end tailed off. “What do you want me to do boss.”
“Do nothing. I will take care of it.” So Chow was being taken to the nearest hospital?
His arm would need treatment, as for his throat? He still was finding it hard to breathe, the doctor had made it clear he would have to be kept in overnight at the very least.

That, where Wu was concerned, was good news,he would be going nowhere, however she would leave some of her fellow police officers with him. Mark was slumped back on his bed reflecting on the days events. It was then he remembered something that stood out though not at the time of the attack noted.

As Chow’s hand dangled by his side, the tatoo? It was that of a claw, a
tigers claw? Why now was that relevant; he reached for his lap top.

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