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The ‘undertaker’.

Stan and several other males had been celebrating with one of the winners of the tournament. Mark had excelled and if Stan showed some enthusiasm for his friends skills it could be said that the bet he had placed for him to win had paid out handsomely.

“I do feel given my winnings that we should celebrate with.” He paused to pick up a bottle that was in its form ornate and the moment Mark’s eyes rested on it he let out a groan that was received with some laughter by others present. “Baijiu (Chinese: 白酒; pinyin: báijiǔ also known as shaojiu.)

If we are talking about the proof value of the liquor itself then readers should be aware that it is way way in the percentages of pure alcohol re the distilled grain used to make this particular one to a level after several cups most present were to the point of blurred incoherent babbling.

HOW Mark and Stan ended up in Stan’s apartment, both of them fast asleep on the floor; they would not wake to wonder later that morning. Hangover? Oh yes, a mega one at that and for some it might have seemed due punishment, considering their previous disregard for how much both had had to drink.

A few hours later and the recovery seemed to be, after suitable medication AND that was something Stan produced that was known despite one should add, his early derision regarding such from Mark to work remarkably well re hangovers, ah good old Chinese medicine.

Breakfast! Well we might know it as a mid morning brunch cept it was back to that market area and food, food, food! A few beers and they were ready to put the world to rights.
“Good job you took today off.” Stan nodded as he washed back the last of the beer.

“I know you’re off work but I’ve something to tell you.” Mark reached into his pocket to retrieve some papers and then handed them to Stan. “Remember the male arrested earlier in the week; Chow? Well, he had a tatoo on his right hand, the one Wu disabled left hanging by his side, hence the reason I noticed the tat in the first place?”

“Tigers claw.” Stan leaned back before passing the documents back to him. “We’ve been keeping an eye on them for a while. Into anything criminal that nets them decent returns.”
He glanced at his watch. “Follow me, I think you will find what happens interesting and of value to you; to us.”

The quayside was a place you could find visitors and locals in abundance sampling not only the views across the bay but also the food, markets in general and boat trips if that was your planned outing for the day.

It was also where some yachts were tied up and one in particular was the focus of attention re Wu and the Hong Kong police, who; were working undercover and trying to avoid drawing attention from three individuals sat at a table on the yacht in question sipping drinks and deep in conversation.

Two males and one female. The female was known to Mark. Vanessa James Stewart.
Manchester police were, though it should be noted they were NOT the only ones re various international police, customs et who had gathered intelligence on her criminal activities.

“Nasty piece of work that one.” Stan nodded. “ I read up on her report last week when we received intelligence that the suspect was likely to head this way. Good to see that is accurate. The male with the black jacket is one of Chow’s companions. Sungo, I should add that he is not Chinese but Vietnamese. The other male is Dojin, he’s from inner Mongolia and we suspect, a member of the Russian mafia.”

The conversation between them turned rapidly aggressive with Sungo jabbing at Dojin whilst screaming that he had failed to deliver on whatever they were expecting delivery of and that was the question on the minds of several watching them; what WAS their missed consignment OR?

Dojin was quick to respond and the female finally moved shaking her head and cursing at both of them as they slumped back in their seats somewhat calmed by her. She picked up her mobile to take a call? Finishing that she placed it on the table. “They are on their way so both of you shut the feck up and wait!”

It would be some ten minutes later that a female following behind three others accompanied by a large muscular well built male, arrived at the yacht. They halted staying on the dock whilst the male stepped onto the boat.

Whilst the male was deep in conversation with and it seemed, taking payment in the form as would be later revealed; smuggled conscience diamonds, the female with the other females was joined by Vanessa. “Passports, mobile phones and “ She was handed a package as she now ‘inspected’ the girls in front of her.

One of the girls was behaving strangely. Gripping her stomach obvious to onlookers that she was in a lot of pain? Vanessa jabbed at her looking at the woman in charge hissing at her, cursing her! “What the feck is up with this bitch? Are you trying to pass on damaged goods?! “ She screamed to Dojin for him to join them.

Meanwhile the girl had dropped to her knees still gripping her stomach and crying.
Mark had watched events unfolding and had come to a realisation of sorts; one that if he did not help the girl in question, would see her dead?

Moving forward brushing past Stan he headed over to the girl. Vanessa seeing Mark scowled and screamed at him NOT to interfere, everything was under control and would he ‘feck off’. That was followed by Dojin attempting to threaten Mark.

Ignoring the threats, Mark rested the girl on the quayside and lifted her top.
“What the!” rang in his ears as he tapped his fingers on the girls abdomen?
Seconds passed before he stood up and at that moment, it could be said; all hell broke loose.

Wu had been watching avidly events that were screwing up her operation to seize those present, well the way that she had meticulously planned it. “Damm him.” As Dojin swung his fist at Mark he was totally in for a shock as he now retaliated landing some blows of his own with the male hitting the deck.

The sight of Wu with Stan in pursuit and a lot of other police officers rushing in to seize those present was a relief to Mark even if Wu was not holding back on her voicing some rage at what Mark had done?

He was talking to Stan who was now busy using his phone. “This girl.” Mark was now beside her comforting her in Chinese whilst making it clear to relax as much as possible and if possible NOT to move. “I think she has appendicitis. Her abdomen is tight as a drum and that is usually a sign.”

A while later the dock area cleared of Vanessa and her co horts plus the girls taken to the police station, bar the one now heading out in the ambulance. A telephone call later would confirm that Mark had been right, also the fact that any further delay would almost certainly have resulted in a rupture, what would have followed did not bear thinking about.

Mark was all too aware of a friend of his who had suffered a rupture. Luckily he had by a thread of luck; survived. At the central station Wu was a little more pacified after receiving the call from the hospital. In fairness to Mark his quick response had saved the girls life and that kind of emergency needed some urgent attention even if it meant they had to move in sooner than they would have liked.

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